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MoWinos are free spirited souls who appreciate everything from the grape, to the vintage, to the barrel, and to the glass.  


However most distinctively, MoWinos value the occasion surrounding wine without following structural tasting rules, societal regulations, or professional training.  They believe that wine is the primary element and that food serves as an accompaniment to enhance the bouquet and structure of the grape.  


The proper glass is a necessary vessel transporting MoWinos to long happy life of conversation with family and friends—and those wanting to be our friends!   

About Us
Where you don’t need to  be a wine connoisseur!  


Wine tasting should not be an intimidating event.  

The Wine Barrel 

Grapes & Vines

Wine embraces freedom
& liberty to discover one's unique palette.  


Sniff, swirl, & sip!

Savor the experience!


Grab a glass and join us! 

Live Life, Taste Life! 

The Wine Barrel 

Winery Spotlight

The Vineyards & winery At Lost Creek

On the #WineTrail...


Often the traveling the wine trail blindly and freely brings you to an unexacting and unassuming #wine nirvana!  Traveling aimlessly along dirt and gravel roads in #Virginia's  wine country directed us to wine and foodie greatness.  Allow me to introduce, The Vineyards & Winery of Lost Creek located in Loudoun County, Virginia. 







Once you walk into the tasting room, one immediately and quickly realizes - this is not your typical winery.  There is a sensory awareness of all the senses.  At first sight you notice the serene, pleasant & dark relaxing setting.  You can hear the whispers of the low and mellow music playing.  The aromas of a culinary bliss floats across the room from the kitchen.  The touch of quality grips the perfect wine tasting vessel.









 With a beautiful spectrum of wines  to choose,  the tastes buds awaken as the flow of wine travels your palette.  Just when you think it can't get any better then the tastes of the perfectly paired menu provides an exhuberant  "WOW" expression with a savory satisfying smile.  








Before we finished our first bite or our last sip, we warned them we would be back and asked in advance that they did not get sick of us being their new groupies! 






LC is a family owned and operated winery producing elegant wines as they practice sustainable farming.  There is a wine for every palette.  This is one winery not to be missed or ignored! 





Celebrate Wine

Norton:  America's Grape


Simply put, the Norton grape is America's grape!   The genesis of Norton, in truth, started in the jams and jellies of the world.

However due to the strength in the field and the dawning of prohibition it gained new purpose and accolades.  And it continues to intrigue and get more attention in these recent years and certainly from #MoWinoOnAssignment in America's heartland, Missouri - the home of the oldest AVA in the USA! 







The power of Norton, and dare I say the intrigue associated with this #grape,  even prompted particular wine glass to be crafted. The Austrian glassware company

Riedel designed stemware specifically for wine made from the Norton grape.   










The intrigue continues! 


Live Life, Taste Life My Friends! 



Cheers to the USA! 


Independence Day is a celebration commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which established the beautiful United States of America.  A perfect occasion to enjoy some Reds, some Whites and listen to the Blues!  This is an event that all wine enthusiasts should celebrate!   









The celebratory mission is simple.  Host a party celebrating American wine -- but narrow the focus as we all know the varieties of wine is abundant.  Nothing is more true than that classic phrase:  So Much Wine & So Little Time! 


Some great party themes ...

Bling #Norton Wine Tasting!  The Norton grape is indigenous to America. Several states dispute its natural home but leave to Norton is America's grape.  Two competing Noron states include the Show Me State of Missouri and the colonial Commonwealth of Virginia.  Obtain a few from each state, blindly cover them and let your guest choose who serves it best!  If you seek out Norton grape dominated wines, you will be surprised how many they are!  

Battle of the Reds Party:

Choose two American wine regions and choose a varietal.  Then ask guests to bring a red wine from one of those regions.  Attempt to balance the number from each region. Stage two separate tasting tables for each region with a bowl at each table.  Then have guest taste, compare and then put a cork into which bowl at the table of their favorite region.

But most importantly -- Sip and Enjoy! 


Join the Adventure!
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Where in the World is MoWino? 

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